William Inglis & Sons, one of the world’s most celebrated thoroughbred auction houses, has signed on as a sponsor of the 2014 CECF Yangtze Delta Region. It is the second year in a row the Australian based organization has lent its support to the China Horse Club’s signature lifestyle, social and thoroughbred racing event and once again Inglis will be presenting the Inglis Best Groomed Thoroughbred Awards.

“The Inglis Best Groomed Thoroughbred Awards were highly coveted and created immense interest among owners during last year’s CECF and I have no doubt they will again be a prized possession among our ownership groups this year,” said Eden Harrington, General Manager of the China Horse Club.

“Inglis is one of the most proactive thoroughbred industry participants in the world today and its growing involvement in China is a demonstration of this. The CHC and the industry in China at large are immensely grateful for their contribution. Without their energy and enthusiasm to contribute to events such as the China Equine Cultural Festival it would be very hard to generate the atmosphere and excitement we are looking to exposure Chinese to. It is this fun, excitement and tradition that Chinese people are really warming to.”

Inglis has been selling elite thoroughbred racehorses since 1867 but has maintained its position as a pioneer in the sport. Inglis was the first auction house to promote online bidding and has provided access for clients from across the globe to use the service across its yearling, weanling, breeding stock and two-year-old sales. It also hosts a $A5 million Inglis Race Series in Australia for yearlings sold at its auctions.

“In a short time the China Horse Club has great success with Inglis, securing horses like G2 winner Zululand and the club’s first ever winner in Scarlet Moretta,” said Harrington.

“Our members appreciate the level of service and the quality of thoroughbreds Inglis is able to secure to its auctions. We were again active earlier this year and we are hopefully we can build on our current success with the latest batch of Inglis graduates.”