2014 CECF The Yangtze Delta Region Official Partner: Oceans Sports

A look at the Official Partner of the upcoming 2014 CECF Yangtze Delta Region. 

Racing with Oceans Sports

Oceans Sports


Oceans Sports was founded in 2006 by Mr Zhu Xiao Dong, an experienced professional whose elite reputation in international event management extends to FIFA events such as the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the 2004 FIFA Futsal World Cup. In 2006, Zhu formally established Oceans Sports to become FIFA’s sole representative in China, and he also successfully helped the Chinese Football Association and FIFA complete the race to run and manage the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup. 

style="font-weight: bold; color: #3e3e3e; background-color: #ffff00;">The complexity of marketing sporting events is a distinct challenge of event management companies. Horseracing is an event that is steeped with traditions yet appeals to modern sophistication. This year’s CECF Race Day, requires the experience of Oceans Sports to market a world-class event to a world-class audience through innovative approaches including new media. The 2014 Zhejiang Nine Dragons Hill National Jockey Invitation Race CECF brings a new dimension to the event by promoting international horseracing to China’s best jockeys.

Since its founding, Oceans Sports has expanded its expertise, with a full complement of capabilities including sports marketing, planning, consulting services on event management, implementation of media strategies and public relations. This company is now a one-stop centre, a full-service sports marketing agency that has achieved desirable and remarkable results.

Its success is due to Oceans Sports using an integrated marketing approach, building bridges between the brand and its customers, as well as connecting event resources, sports organisations, the media and individual athletes across its vast network. This approach, called “Cross The Line” is effectively integrated in both its online and offline marketing, as part of Oceans Sports’ best practices.

Currently, Oceans Sports has developed like how an elite team would, with 40 star employees. Their appreciation for the local cultural context, combined with an international-level experience of sports marketing is one of the reason for China’s sports industry pushing the envelope, in acquiring and maximising distinct characteristics and advantages.

Oceans Sports is confident that after the phenomenon in bringing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to Chinese society, the sports industry will continue as a huge driving force in China’s social and economic development. Oceans Sports will adopt a set of sports marketing solutions to help China further into the world of sports.

We heartily applaud Oceans Sports’ entry and participation in becoming the marketing development and new media strategies partner at this CECF event.