Jockeys Gear Up to CECF 2014 Race Day Spectacle

As the excitement builds up on the first ever 2014 Zhejiang Nine Dragons Hill National Jockey Invitation Race CECF, no one would be more eager than the participating jockeys themselves. The China Horse Club had the opportunity to interview three of them and find out their thoughts on the coming race day.

Chen Li                  Qin Yong               Liu San Ping 

Jockeys Chen Li, Qin Yong, and Liu Sanping were game to answer questions and expressed their enthusiasm to face up to the challenge. Chen Li is an experienced rider with training overseas and competed in many local races. Qin Yong prides himself as jockey with tactical background and great riding experiences. Liu Sanping is an accomplished rider as can be seen in the several races he has won in China.

Q1: How excited are you to be part of the first ever 2014 Zhejiang Nine Dragons Hill National Jockey Invitation Race CECF?

Chen Li: I am so excited to take part in the CECF Race. I have spent most of my time preparing for this race to be in the best form. This event gives me an opportunity to compete with other talented jockeys who are based locally and internationally.

Liu Sanping: As the race day comes closer, I feel a growing inspiration in my heart to do my best in the competition. But from experience, the toughest hurdle to overcome also lies within. I must be serene and calm when facing a fierce competition.

Qin Yong: I am very happy and excited to participate in the CECF. I will cherish this precious opportunity and I believe that all the participating jockeys will carry forward the athletic spirit, demonstrate the style and skills to create new tactics in horse racing and to display an energetic burst in every aspect of this race.

Q2: How will this race help make you a better jockey?

Chen Li: It is my pleasure to compete with my fellow jockeys at such a high international standard of the event. Competition brings a lot of challenges and opportunities and also helps promote changes to elevate the horse industry. If I could improve myself in every aspect by an exchange of knowledge and talent, this could be one of the precious opportunities that the CECF brings to me.

Liu Sanping: This race is a gathering of talents from home and abroad who are all full of enthusiasm to race. It is so exciting to compete with them and at the same time take notice of the precious chance to enrich my experience, to check my skills, to inspire me, and also to challenge me that the CECF provides. The race is a good platform for me to learn valuable knowledge while competing.

Qin Yong: To compete with leading jockeys at home and abroad not only gives me a chance to learn through the exchange, but also gives me a source to have a profound experience in horse racing culture. In the end, the race will improve my abilities comprehensively.

Q3: Why do you think the event is important in China?

Chen Li: China is in the early phases of horse racing, particularly, thoroughbred racing. And many people do not have enough knowledge of horse racing. Only by organizing events such as the CECF which is the geared to international standards, can the public learn more about horse racing. CECF plays a significant role in promoting racing competition of thoroughbreds in China and in bringing the world to China and China to the world.

Liu Sanping: CECF is an event that is geared to international standards. The event plays an important role to promote the importation of horses between China and the world, and to stimulate the development of China’s horse racing industry. The event brings the China horse industry to the world and the world to China.

Qin Yong: CECF is a grand sporting event with lucrative prizes, high level and high class which will open a new page in China’s horse racing history by way of its international standards and present China’s horse racing to an international stage.