2014 CECF The Yangtze Delta Region Official Timepiece Partner and Official Timekeeper – Longines.

2014 CECF The Yangtze Delta Region is opening soon, let’s cover one of the CECF official partner—Longines

Longines – Racing the time

Longines, established in Switzerland in the year 1832, was founded on a relentless pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance using only the purest watchmaking expertise. As the official timekeeper of World Championships of several international federations, the Longines name is not only synonymous to a long and glorious history, but also world-renowned for being the pinnacle of elegance from the world’s leading watch manufacturer, the Swatch Group SA. The brand’s winged hourglass, the oldest registered logo for a watchmaker, is now a recognisable trademark in over 140 countries in which it operates.

In 1880, the brand name was filed with the Federal Office of Intellectual Property, while its logo was registered in 1889. By 1893, worldwide protection was provided when the brand name and logo was filed with the United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the forerunner of the WIPO. Longines is the oldest brand name registered with the WIPO still in use, unchanged, today.

Longines has long focused its research on technological excellence with various highlights such as the 1929 Barcelona exhibition, to many international and World Expositions, where it was embraced with the illustrious award of ‘most glorious’ family watch brand over ten times. By virtue of all their accumulated skills and advantages, Longines has gradually established close ties to many sporting events and its oldest known advertisements for products were related to horse racing, where everyone from bettors and horse racing spectators to riders and stud farm owners were utilising Longines’ chronographs. This continued relationship carried into the 20th and now 21st century where Longines’ proprietary technology has proved particularly admirable, especially in the field of equestrian and horse racing.

Perfection was achieved at the First China Equine Cultural Festival (CECF), when horse racing’s top timepiece brand Longines collaborated with the CECF. The first highlight of CECF was the racing day, in which the Longines’ elegant dress award was presented. The racing day scene was pushed to the apex when Longines’ Ambassador of Elegance, Aaron Kwok arrived at the site. At the scene, the most elegant lady received the “best dress” award from Aaron Kwok himself. On that day, Aaron Kwok wore a Longines platinum series stainless steel rose gold men’s watch, which was a perfect blend with racing and its elegant moments.

Longines will continue its partnership as official timekeeper of the race day and as the official partner of this year’s CECF event. This time, the elegant Longines ambassador, Miss Lin Chi-Ling will appear on October 12th, to share her love for equestrian and to provide an extra motivation for the participating jockeys and horse owners participating in the Zhejiang Nine Dragons Hill National Jockey Invitation Race – 2014 CECF.