2015 CECF Wuhan

China Dream, Racing to the World


The China Horse Club’s signature event CECF is set to take centre stage in Wuhan this time round. Co-organised by the China Horse Club, Wuhan Equestrian Association and Wuhan Jockey Club, supported by the Chinese Equestrian Association and under the supervision of Hubei Equestrian Association, 2015 Wuhan Open Horse Racing Autumn Opening Race cum CECF Wuhan, a 10 million RMB affair, will take place on 19 September 2015.

Wuhan was once the horse racing capital in China. The horse racing scene in China has since evolved over the years but the love for the sport has remained. The massive Wuhan Orient Lucky City International Racecourse was built in 2003 to stable 2000 horses and almost all Chinese trainers and jockeys use the 333-hectare horse training base in preparation for the races. The enormous racecourse has a high grey viewing stand and green seats overlooking an incredible sweeping track of 1620 metres, providing for the most exciting of experiences for racing enthusiasts. A number of notable horse races have also been held at the racecourse, which includes the Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival. Wuhan-based educational institutions to support young jockeys also include the Wuhan Business School Jockey programme, where the talented Chinese jockey Qin Yong trained at.

As such, the CECF will be held in this historically significant city and will consist of a thrilling race meet and a glittery gala which will be attended by prominent leaders from the thoroughbred racing industry. The race meet will see six exciting races and top notch entertainment at the Wuhan Orient Lucky City racecourse with at least five thousand spectators. The races will also be broadcast live in Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, bringing an unforgettable and unique experience for those who are not able to make it to Wuhan. Guests from international and Chinese high society will then be treated to a spectacular evening in a Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater to an elegant soirée that will promote China’s rich and timeless horse culture in the most sophisticated of venues.

The event theme is ‘China Dream, Racing to the World’, fully demonstrating the CHC’s commitment to bring Chinese racing to the world stage, with the spotlight shining on China-based horses participating in races of international standards. In addition, the CHC aims to highlight the lifestyle elements of the club with the promotion of Chinese fashion on the racetracks, paying homage to traditions associated with the East and West.