Celebrations at this weekend’s 2015 China Equine Cultural Festival in Wuhan, China will be all the richer with confirmation that the Hennessy Group will partner with the China Horse Club at three events that are part of the festival.

“In 2015, the CECF and Moet Hennessy Group will work together to create a wonderful festival promoting a racing lifestyle as well as the social and business virtues of thoroughbred racing,” said Andrew Khan, Hennessy’s Director of Marketing.

Moet Hennessy Group is very proud to be able to present its leading products including Jubilee Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac (Hennessy Paradis Imperial), Hennessy XO Cognac (Hennessy XO), Grange single malt whiskey (Glenmorangie), Grand Marnier liqueur (Grand Marnier), Belvedere (Belvedere), Xia Tong sparkling wine (Chandon) which will all build on the celebration of the 2015 CECF banquets. Among them, Hennessy Paradis Imperial Jubilee is a symbol of the exquisite art of blending Hennessy generations, and is particularly impressive.

“Moet Hennessy has become a crowd favorite for high-end Chinese consumers with its distinctive wines, fragrance and elegant cognacs, distinctive whiskey and delicate and refined liqueurs. As racing goes beyond the sport category and is a cultural past time, we want to make everyone feel ‘the magic and charm’ of social gatherings. "

Creating unique social moments is an essential element not only of great thoroughbred racing carnivals but of the whole CECF. And the support of the Moet Hennessy Group makes that possible.

“Great celebrations are shared and the Moet Hennessy Group will be integral to those moments across a range of events this weekend,” said Eden Harrington, Vice President (Partnerships/Membership).

“The support of the Moet Hennessy Group across three unique events is highly rewarding as their products have been selected to enhance the personality of each event.“