The 2016 CECF Ordos is set to break new ground in the evolution of thoroughbred racing in China with a series of new initiatives and developments.

Since its inception in 2013 the CECF has set the tone for many of the progressive steps taken by the industry in China from securing the endorsement of the sport’s international governing body, the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, to the involvement of elite human and equine athletes such as Joao Moreira, Gavin Lerena and Kevin Shea competing on the same racing program as China’s best riders and racehorses. More recently the 2015 CECF brought Chinese racing into the digital age with a livestreaming experience which reached a peak audience of 600,000 unique viewers.

These new developments and initiatives in 2016 will include:

  • The first time Ordos City Government has supported thoroughbred racing;
  • The first time Yiqi Government has supported a pure thoroughbred racing event;
  • The first time Ordos International Airport will receive a shipment of thoroughbreds from overseas;
  • The first running of an international standard thoroughbred race meeting at the showpiece Ordos Yiqi Racecourse;
  • The first live streaming of a Mainland Chinese thoroughbred race meeting into international markets (USA, Britain, India, Australia, South Africa etc);

In addition, the 2016 CECF Ordos will:

  • Be the richest domestic race day for Chinese owners this year;
  • Promote the participation of talented local and international jockeys;
  • Welcome VIP guests and industry leaders representing the United States, Russia, Qatar, Australia, Asia, Ireland, Britain, France, Barbados and New Zealand

“The CECF prides itself on breaking new ground in the Chinese market. It became the first thoroughbred race meeting in China endorsed by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities; the first Chinese lifestyle and cultural festival to be held overseas with the CECF Singapore; it was the first racing event to bring together human and equine athletes as well as international stewards and veterinarians together from locations from around the globe to participate in one major event in China; and it has shown itself to be a launching pad for Chinese athletes, owners and horses to compete overseas,” said Teo Ah Khing, Chairman of the China Horse Club.

“The drive to do more and to be better remains unwavering and with the support of the Ordos Government and the Yiqi Government we are able to do this.

“The Theme for the 2016 CECF Ordos is ‘Share The Dream’ and we are emboldened to empower all of those who attend and all of those who will watch on via our livestreaming channels to share this dream with us. Racing as a lifestyle sport has taken root in China. The interest and appetite to be involved at an elite level in the ‘Sport of Kings’ is very apparent.”

The 2016 CECF will be held under the banner of the Ordos Nadam with these two events set to ensure Ordos becomes the beating heart of China’s cultural and sporting landscape this August. The Ordos Nadam will build to a crescendo of activity between 22nd – 27th August with the CECF a prelude to this unique and exciting event.

The two day CECF Ordos will be the latest instalment of the CECF franchise which has already been successfully held in Shanghai, Singapore, Wuhan and Hohhot. Widely regarded as the premier lifestyle and thoroughbred racing festival held in Mainland China, the CECF has become a melting pot of captains of industry from across China and from around the world, creating opportunities for networking, business interaction and cultural exchange.